Friday, February 18, 2011

Once More With Feeling

Once again I start on this grand journey of fitness. After much sickness (again) I'm back to the grind. I won't be doing P90X at this time. My immune system just can't stay up with the pounding that takes on my body right now. Sad but true. This time around I'll be doing a sort of jumble of stuff. Trying new stuff....revisiting old stuff...yeah....lots of stuff.

Today I started the 100 Pushup Challenge.
Initial test = 17

Day 1 - Column 3 (D1-C3)
10 - 10
12 - 12
7 - 7
7 - 7
9(max) - 13
total = 49

Not bad for not having done a pushup in over a month. :)

I also started the 200 Situp Challenge.
Initial test = 27

Day 1 - Column 3 (D1-C3)
15 - 15
18 - 20 oops lol
10 - 10
10 - 10
14(max) - 30
total = 85

I'll be doing these as standing situps from now on. I have back issues that standard situps just KILL. OWIE!!!

I also did some random Dance workout vids off Netflix. BLAH!!!!! I must be very uncoordinated. I was all over the place. I miss my Hip Hop Abs...I could actually do that. Pam, you do what I told you too and give me back my dvds....hehehehe

I'll also TRY and I do mean TRY to write down what I eat. I'm very poor with my nutrition. There...I admit it. You'll see....I eat what is on hand. Maybe if I write down all the crap I eat so I can look at'll make me stop and make some changes.

1 24oz (with about 1/3 of that spilled on me and the couch) french vanilla cappaccino
1 package chocolate fudge Poptarts
1 wendy's double stack w/ ketchup only
1 small wendy's fry
2 12oz cups of 1/2 fruit punch 1/2 diet 7up
1 23.7oz bottle water

that's it so idea about supper. It's Friday...maybe pizza.

Yes I know my nutrition is my weakest point. But I've already planned on one thing that will be headed out of my diet. I'll be eating Splenda brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast from now on, instead of the Poptarts. I love Poptarts. When I was so sick, they were the only thing I could eat without feeling like I was going to throw up. But I know they're not good for me. *sigh*

Onward and upward from here. The Truth is Out There. ;)

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