Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Headache

Didn't get in a workout yesterday. Got up, did a lot of things around the house, played with the dog, played with the kids, tried to take a nap (that didn't workout very well), got up and decided I'd try my hand at cooking some chicken. If you know me at all, you know that I do NOT cook. But I realize that with that being the case, my family isn't eating the stuff we need to be.

So, I got up from the "nap" and got on my computer. I looked up "oven baked chicken" and found a recipe that said EASY! I just knew that would be the one. Thankfully we had everything that was required. Chicken, melted butter, and Saltines. And I made "Saltine encrusted baked chicken". And it turned out WONDERFUL. I also made a side of whole grain spaghetti with Ragu sauce. Not the healthiest thing ever, but better then pizza that's for sure.

We then took the kids to the park, and that was where it started. The HEADACHE. I'm not one that can just sit and watch my kids play. I love to play with them. And they enjoy that too. But in the middle of doing that my head started pounding. Got home about an hour later and took some Excedrin. Yeah...that didn't touch it. I laid down in my bed with all the lights off in agony. Decided to take something else. So I took some medical grade Motrin. That too didn't have much effect. But I was able to finally go to sleep. Had a horrid night of sleeping for short periods of time, then waking up and just hurting. Almost decided to head to the ER, but honestly didn't want to have to pay that kind of bill. If I don't feel any better tomorrow, I'll be going to the doctor. I can't function with this kind of headache.

So, no workout. But I'll still list my foods of I remember them. lol

1 bowl of splenda brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal (see, I did it!)
I have no recolection what I ate for lunch
1 Saltine encrusted split chicken breast
2 12oz 1/2 fruit punch 1/2 diet 7up drinks
1 23.7oz water
5 pieces of strawberry twizzlers (this was when my head was pounding and I needed something to make me feel better)

so....some better...not great...but better. :)

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