Friday, May 28, 2010

Day something

So I'm sick....again. But this time I'm not depressed about it. I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I'm striving to get better and get back to working out. I really miss my workouts. I can take that hour or so and focus on myself. It helps center my mind. And a centered mind is a good thing. :)

So less than 100 days until D*Con. I'm excited yet sad. This time last year I was so focused on my goal, and excited for costuming with my 300dc friends. But I won't be costuming with them this year. As I was cleaning the other day I came upon my Spartan stuff, and it was sooo bittersweet. I had such a good time, and then it all came crashing really makes me sad. I miss my friends that I made (even though I try and keep up with them through FB and Twitter) but it's not the same. I miss competing with Peter and Mark on the challenges, and pushing them to be bigger and badder. I feel at loose ends. To be part of a group at DCon for the first time was awesome. I've wondered around the Con alone for so many years, it was really nice to have a "family" to hang with. Now this year I'm not sure what's gonna happen.

But of course good came out of it all too. I wouldn't have met Kristian or JD or Marc without being in the group, and I'm not sure I woulda been goaded into getting fit without it either. Still...bittersweet how it all ended for me. blah

We'll be headed up to Clarkesville on Monday. YAY!!! Gonna get to celebrate my birthday with my mom!!!!! ANd....hopefully get to see some of my friends too. And...maybe some new hair. You know I can't stand to have the same hair for long. :P I'm ready to get outa this town. It sucks the life right outa you. Then....when we get back, I'll looking to try and see a band a friend of mine is in on June 18th. Of course, it'll be a miracle if I actually get to go, but I'm gonna try. I want to be a better friend...and mother. And to be so I've gotta put myself out there and stretch my limits.

So, here's to a summer of growing, getting stronger, and love.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 19

When did the world forget to stop and taste the food we're eating? We no longer enjoy what we eat. It's whatever is fastest and cheapest. In alot of cases we don't have the TIME to enjoy what we eat. We have to cram the food down as fast as possible because we only have 30mins to eat, go to the bathroom, and anything else that needs to be done.

I caught myself doing this recently. I was eating a Chips Ahoy cookie (yes I know...bad FA) and I wasn't even tasting it. I was shoving it in my mouth and already reaching for the next one. No wonder I can't get any weight off. If I'd just stopped and enjoyed the cookie in my mouth, I know I'd eat less. So I did that. I slowly ate one more cookie, and was soooo good. The different flavors that mix in my mouth. The different textures. I fully enjoyed that cookie, and didn't need 10 more just to get that taste. More isn't the key to fullness, it's enjoying the bite in your mouth. This all sounded alot more clear in my head, but I've never said I was a writer. :P

I've been working out, but my eating is still sporadic. I've been put on ANOTHER med to help with a side effect of the other one. So again I 'm having to get used to it. I'm loving my workouts, and every day I feel better and better.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 18

Ok, I've been blog slack. Sorry everyone. I've been super busy with life, kids, and working out. From chaperoning pre-k fieldtrips, to playing chauffer for my entire family. LOL. I've started a new round of P90X and I'm enjoying every moment of it. Even the pain the next day, it just proves that I'm doing something. And let me tell ya, I'm in such a better place in my mind that I'm oozing contentment.

Colin is saying new words everyday. I'm a very proud momma. His school is helping so much, and I'm glad to know he'll be having the same teacher next year. Not only is he saying words, but he's proving that he understands what is happening. It's small things, but it's more than he has been showing.

Laurana is .....ummmm.......AWESOME. She's addicted to Lego: Indiana Jones and Avatar: Last of the Airbenders. We had a wonderful time together when her class went to the strawberry patch to pick strawberries. We don't get that must just girl time anymore. So I'm thinking she really enjoyed the attention. She's sooo smart it's scary sometimes. And she now knows that my feet are ticklish......not good...LOL

There are still things I wish were different. Like having more friends close by to hang with. But I'm doing ok with that now. I AM bummed about not getting to go to Universal Studios on Friday. Hanging with Bryan with no kids, riding grownup rides, and most importantly...seeing Kristian. *whine whine whine* I soooo wanted to see him. Phone calls and texts are great, but I haven't seen him in 8mths...and that is way tooo long.

Still need to finalize what new costume to do for DragonCon. My short list is.... Black Widow, Green Lantern girl, Susan storm, Baroness, or an Earthbender. Any other ideas or comments on this would be greatly appreciated.