Friday, October 1, 2010

P90X Doubles

I'd like to share my now COMPLETED journey of P90X Doubles.

It was, for lack of a better word, INCREDIABLE. I have never worked as hard as I have the last 3 1/2 months. The sweat, the injuries, the tears....every bit was worth it. I'm well on my way back to the body I want.

After being sick for most of 6mths, I got it in my head that positive thinking can be a real boost to getting better. Not just mentally, but health wise as well. So that's what I started doing. Trying to find the postivie in every negative. As I started to do that, I noticed that my energy levels rose, and that my love for working out was also coming back. I changed what I was eating, and then my biggest decision, I threw caution to the wind and started a round of Doubles.

Doubles (if you don't know) is when you do 2 P90X workouts 4 days out of the week and 1 workout the other 2 days. I was in love from the first day. I had to start by doing all the pushups on my knees. That's how bad I'd become. And even those were hard. The heaviest weight I was using was 5 pounders. I was weak, weak, weak....but knew if I could just keep going, I'd make it.

That first month was HARD. And ugly. I had ended up with two huge pockets of fat on my back/love handle area. I applty named them Chips Ahoy and Oreo. I'm sure you can guess why. I had not strength in my abs or my arms....and my legs were covered in cottage cheese. I was a sad sight. The pushup were murder, the pullup were practically undoable, and the squats were tearing up my knee. But I was undeterred. I needed to do this to prove to myself and others that I could/can rank up there with the big boys.

My knee felt horrible the entire first month. But I didn't let it stop me this time. I now know it wasn't from the injury I had, but from not working it and losing the strength in it that i'd built up. *facepalm* I should have know that.

Second month was ugly too.....but by the end of that phase I was doing soo much better. I'd also gotten Hip Hop Abs in the mail.....that would come into play in Phase 3.

Phase 3 was ugly yet awesome. I subbed in Hip Hop Abs for my second workout a lot. There was only so much Cardio X that I could before I went crazy bored. I loved/love how much fun HHA is. It helped get me over the hump of this last phase.

Went to DragonCon and had a BLAST!!! Saw some of you (Peter/Mark/DaVe/JP/Daniel) and marched in the parade with the TCF as Six. Did I look as good as last year?? Frak no. Did I look a hundred times better then I did 3 months before....HELL YES!!!! Wore my Spartan costume on Sunday, and enjoyed hanging with LegionCub. Have booked my room for next year.

Came home and have finished up the last two weeks. I ended up getting sick, but I didn't let it get me down, I just rode it out and when I got better got right back to it